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Cupid's Arrow is a legendary card that was temporarily obtainable in the Mystic Wisdom Card Pack and was also obtainable as a drop from the Cupid's Mercenary during the Valentine's event. It was also previously obtainable by trading 30 Nether Tokens to the Overseer.

It is currently unobtainable.

Cupid's Arrow deals 45 damage with a 4 hex range, at the cost of 5 bits. It applies the unique Charm status effect for 1 turn if there is more than one enemy, temporarily making the afflicted change teams, making their moves benefit the casters team for a short amount of time.

If there is only one enemy left on the battlefield, Cupid's Arrow will apply Stun instead for the same amount of turns (1). Charm affects enemies, players, and mini-bosses, but it does not work on bosses (those with pink nametags) and also any enemy that passively has Charm Immunity. It is also void.


While the damage output of Cupid's Arrow is very weak for its bit cost, the perk that sets itself from other attacks is its ability to inflict its targets with 1 turn of charm. The trick to using Cupid's Arrow effectively is not to use it as a kill option, but to use it on someone with the potential to cause harm to the enemy team.

Charm is a status effect which makes the inflicted act as though they are on the attackers team. The afflicted will lose control of their character and act as though they are an NPC, using or saving up bits for the best card they have available.

For this reason, when using Cupid's Arrow, the caster should pay close attention to the bit count of the target. This is because opponents who have higher bits can potentially give the turn of charm that Cupid's Arrow applies more value by making the afflicted use their most powerful card, such as Hellfire, or Darksteel Longblade. The more bits a target has, the more likely it is for them to have to a devastating card that if they were charmed, would deal tons of damage to their own team, as they were likely saving up for that card. Additionally, if the afflicted uses a powerful card, it means that the target can no longer use it against their opponents.

It is also helpful to take status effects into consideration as well when choosing a target. An example of this is trying to hit a healblocked enemy. This assures that they will not try to heal themselves during their charmed status, which would waste most of the effect). It is also recommended to not hit a confused enemy, as this will most likely make them miss an attack that could otherwise hit one of their teammates.

If used correctly in PvE, Cupid's Arrow can be used to inflict high amounts of damage to enemies as well. Opposing NPC's may also instead direct their attacks to the charmed target, instead of a teammate. In most cases, players will only have one chance to use Cupid's Arrow as it is void. This makes it very important to simply use Cupid's Arrow at the right time and to just make it count.

Cupid's Arrow can also be paired efficiently with Mask of Truth, giving the user more chance of charming the correct target with powerful cards.

All in all, to use Cupid's Arrow effectively, it is important to take notice of the situation, and determine whether or not it is a good time to use Cupid's Arrow.


  • On its initial release on March 11th, 2019, Cupid's Arrow dealt 55 damage with 2 turns of Stun and had a 3 hex range. It was also Ultra-rare and costed 5 bits. It was able to be obtained by defeating Cupid's Mercenaries or by opening Mystic Wisdom Card Packs.
  • On March 11th, the bit cost was reduced to 5 and its rarity was changed to Legendary.
  • On March 16th, the Stun duration was reduced from 2 turns to 1.
  • On April 2nd, 2019, it became unobtainable outside of trading.
  • On May 19th, 2019 (v0.71.4), Cupid's Arrows damage was reduced from 55 to 45.
  • On November 29th, 2019 (The Black Friday 2019 Update), the damage was reverted back from 45 to 55, while the range was increased from 3 to 4.
  • On December 10th, 2019, Cupid's Arrow was reworked to apply the Charm status effect for 1 turn, (instead of the previous stun effect) but it will still apply the Stun status if the enemy is alone or if targeting bosses.
  • On December 11th, 2019, Cupid's Arrow Charm duration was increased from 1 to 2 turns. It was also changed so if an enemy is summoned while the summoner is charmed, the summoned unit will be charmed for 2 turns as well, but will return to the original team it was summoned by afterwards, after it abused to easily defeat Neckro Mancer.
  • On January 4th, 2020, Cupid's Arrow was made Void.
  • On May 15th, 2020, Cupid's Arrow's charm effect duration was reduced from 2 to 1.
  • On July 23th, 2020, Cupid's Arrow could be obtained by trading 30 nether tokens to Overseer, after being unobtainable for more than a year.
  • On October 3rd, 2020, Cupid's Arrow damage was reduced from 55 to 40.
  • On March 4th, 2021 (v.90), the Overseer's trades were changed, removing the option to obtain Cupid's Arrow from him.
  • On April 17th, 2021, Cupid's Arrow damage was increased from 40 to 45 and reappeared back in the Overseer's trade exchange shop.
  • On September 9th, 2021, Cupid's Arrow was removed from the Overseer's trade exchange shop, making it unobtainable.


  • Cupid's Arrow is based on the same bow used by the Roman god Cupid, to pierce the hearts of others, causing them to fall deeply in love with the first person (or animal) they see.

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